April 19, 2009

"Will you PLEASE get out of BED?!?!?"

Got a little pissy this morning. The BF was very tired and was not motivated to do anything. Unfortunately, very tired and not motivated are basically 6 out of 7 days a week with him. Unless someone asks him to play golf or shoot guns, that is. I'm not going to pout and whine here; just know we've been together for over four years and that's the way it is with him. The causes are known, the fixes are known, he just doesn't want to work on it. So there ya go.

Well, at about 10:45 this morning, after I'd showered and dressed and the BF was still snoring, I just got a bug up my ass that I was not going to spend the day inside while he spends the day in bed. So I loaded the dogs in the car and drove to my friend Lisa's house in Sugar Hill, about thirty minutes away. [Interestingly, her husband was also in the bed, too tired to get up. No one had called him to go fishing, either.]

BTW, both of these guys have trouble sleeping at night and can't figure out why. I suspect it's because YOU SLEEP ALL *#^%(*^ DAY, but that's just a suggestion and what the hell do I know....fucking men.

Lisa and her beagle and I and my hounds had an absolutely delightful time and I didn't get home until 4:00. ::smile::


awb said...

Reminds me of my grandfather. He told me once he got up at 6 am, ate, laid on the sofa and slept until 11. Got up and fixed lunch, took a nap until dinner. Ate dinner and slept on the sofa until bedtime. He would say he couldn't figure out why he couldn't sleep at night? I thought I had figured it out, but he told me I was wrong!
Take care,

Anne P said...


Nice of you to stop by and TOTALLY validate my opinion on daytime vs. nighttime sleep habits!


Anonymous said...

yet another reason why we are and have been friends for so many years......we totally relate to each other!!! AND Lottie loves the Wags and Maggie:) Love, Lisa