July 30, 2009

I didn't get the memo!

OK, you know, I really don't think of myself as an old hag, coot, codger, whatever, but I'm certainly old enough to notice an irritating trend. Today the topic is Tardiness.

When I was a kid (in the '60's), we lived in the suburbs of Buffalo and my dad worked at Western Electric. Mom was a nurse and I think she worked nights because I have no recollection of a daycare. After my brother was born (and started sucking up all the attention, the little bastard), my mother's cancer reappeared and I mostly remember her around the house or in the hospital. We had some really interesting sitters then, but I digress.

Anyway, somewhere in there is when I think the whole concept of time really jelled. I mean, sure I learned how to read a clock (analog, thank you) and all that. But was it around then - elementary school, which had a fixed start, lunch and stop time that I got so anal about timeliness? It's not rocket science, really:

1. If you say you'll be there at x:00, then be there.
2. If you're running late, call.

I've been noticing that since this decade began, nobody is on time for anything. Doctor's appointments, business meetings, holiday parties, performances, nothing. (And lets not even go there with the cable company.)

I'm finding that if I continue on the path of timeliness, I spend an enormous amount of time waiting for whomever it is I'm supposed to be seeing. So, I get pissed. Then I start to add five, ten, fifteen minutes on to my own arrival time so I don't have to wait nearly so long. Then one thing pushes back any other thing I might have to do later that day. Then another. Then another. And so on.

This isn't a rant, I just don't get it. How did this start, and why did we as a society allow it to continue? Feel free to talk amongst yourselves...

July 21, 2009

There are two new stars in the sky these days

Two really awesome people left the world these past few days.

Gary was a guy I used to hear about from my friend Nancy several years ago. Nancy was living with her boyfriend Pat at the time and Gary was their neighbor. Gary used to tell Nancy that Pat was not good enough for her and someday she'd figure out that Gary was actually her Mr. Right. It took some time, but she did finally see the light.

Mary Helen was a dear friend and neighbor of my grandparents. My grandmother especially loved her, and seeing as how my own mother - Nana's only child - has died so young, thought of her as her other daughter. After my Nana passed, Mary Helen became a good friend to me...I only hope I was half as good to her.

I love you guys.

July 14, 2009

Moods and stuff

First let me say that I've been in good spirits for the past few days. Ever since I got that rant off my chest last week, nothing has yet to ruin my internal confidence and power. Can't say anything has really changed, it must be my own attitude about things or something.

Anyhoo...just sharing my good mood.

July 11, 2009

Nothing to complain about

Life has really been challenging me this week. But then again, not really. Yeah, that makes a lot of no sense, doesn't it?

See, I've been having to spend a whole lot of time on my finances this week, and it's a bit depressing. A few years ago my grandparents passed away and they left their heirs very comfortable. I mean very. Don't get me wrong, we didn't become millionaires over night or anything, but if we invested right we would have had pretty much worry-free retirements.

Since that time, my MS managed to progress to the point where I no longer have the bandwidth to hold a full-time job, so any ability to add to rather than subtract from my savings has been a challenge. I didn't freak about that initially because, like I said, there really was quite a bit of money. So, I didn't feel the need to severely curtail much spending. I didn't go out and buy a bigger house, an expensive car or take a monster vacation because none of those things is me. I put money into my home: a mack-daddy deck and hardscape in the back yard and furniture were my largest expenditures. Honestly, I'd say a total of $30k.

Meantime, the Wall Street meltdown. Really, MS or not, can anyone understand why and how things like mortgage and credit default swaps were ever thought up or allowed to happen? The only word I can come up with is "greed", plain and simple. And the economists, polticians and pundits who were advising all of us little, ignorant investors were way wrong, weren't they? Well, seeing as how bitching, whining and pinning blame isn't solving the problem, the only thing I can say is they are all bastards and I hope they rot in hell.

My friend Nancy is dealing with her husband's chronic illness which has kept him in the hospital for the past month, where he was on the brink of death a few times.

Blogger Sherry is struggling with the sudden, tragic loss of her daughter; her grief is palpable.

Me? I can still walk, my home is paid off, my nieces and nephews are thriving, my brother and sister are truly my friends, and my boyfriend is still my perfect partner. Of course I have days where I get pissy. But there is absolutely, positively no reason to whine - and if I do, I hope somebody calls me on it, k?

July 07, 2009

Where the heck ya been?

So much chaos and mayhem...ok, I'm lying, it's not that bad. You know, I work extremely hard on my calendar...what needs to be done by when, medical and dental appointments, personal appointments, doggy appointments, etc.

Every day...seriously, every day, I get an unexpected phone call or email that requires me to stop what I'm doing and go deal with it. And you know what? None of these things involve someone bleeding or something on fire. They are - 99% of them anyway - bullshit. See, I'm the lucky duck responsible for my neighborhood's swim/tennis/clubhouse facility and this is the kind of crap I get all frikking day:

"My key card doesn't work!" [Have you paid your dues?]
"A group of teenagers are being rude!" [Did you tell them to cut it out?]
"Somebody jumped the fence a couple days ago!" [A couple days ago? And you'd like me to do what?]

Well, you know what? No more. Neighborhood emails and phone calls will get a reply within 12-24 hours. And do not just show up at my door without first letting me know you're coming. If something is burning or someone is bleeding or something illegal is going on, your first call should be to 911. NOT TO ME.

Stepping down off my soap box now, thank you for listening.