April 05, 2014

I've Got A Really Long Draft

But it is overwhelming me so I'm bailing. So, let's do a quick update. 

I might be depressed, I'm not sure. I'm not sad or anything I just don't *care* about much. Very strange, really. 

I haven't had a period in like 14 months. Menopause is interesting. So far I have had only one hot flash but I feel like I'm constantly just a tad warmer than I used to be. My skin is drying up, my gums are receding and black hairs are growing out of my chin; but I don't swell up and get cramps, my under eye circles are significantly less noticeable and I like only needing 5-6 hours of sleep. 

I want easily 65% of the stuff in my house to go away. Too much stuff, I tell ya.

Pete turns 15 in September. He's our awesome little dude.

Sarah Palin was on The Tonight Show the other night and she's too skinny. Now, I don't like the woman and never have but I hate to see any woman undergo the degree of change she has because someone probably told her she I wasn't "enough" of something. Pretty or young or thin or whatever.

I'm gonna miss David Letterman but hope he will enjoy a very long, very relaxing retirement. 

I think Bruce Springsteen is aging backwards.