April 22, 2010

I have seen the future...

...and I returned it for a refund.

Here's what I did. After dreaming about the iPad [yes I really did dream about it] and knowing full well there was no place for it in my life or my budget, I ordered one once I found out that I could return it within 14 days. I ordered it online the day before it was released. I had buyer's remorse the absolute minute I hit the Submit button but didn't cancel it right away like I should have. So in the two weeks before it arrived, I read every possible review I could get my hands on, both positive and negative.

It arrived on a Monday. UPS delivered it at 6:00pm. By 7:30pm I knew without a doubt in my mind that I'd be sending it back. Yep, it's sharp to look at and comfortable to work with, has beautiful screen resolution and the keyboard is to die for. But to do damned near anything requires additional dineros and even then it doesn't do as much as I ultimately would want. I called Apple on Tuesday and almost immediately was emailed a FedEx shipping label. On Wednesday I delivered it to my local FedEx office and on Saturday I received a message from Apple confirming their receipt and subsequent credit to my Amex card.

So, for a [relatively] small financial investment of $50 for a restocking fee, I got rid of my iPad dreams. For now. Check with me long about the time of a V3 release. This thing has the potential to rock the world of personal computing. Just not yet.