June 30, 2010


OK, for years I've been buried in paper.  Mail, HOA crap (because once you get on a Homeowner's Association board or committee you can never seem to get off), stock broker statements, magazines, catalogs, blah, blah.  Stack upon stack of stuff that all needs to be either read or filed "one of these days".  I go thru this box every 4-6 months or so and always manage to make a nice dent in it.  Unfortunately, shit just keeps coming.  I have not seen the bottom of the box in probably four years.

What's going on now is, as my life changes, the kind of stuff coming in also changes.  Most of what I call "new" stuff has to be kept and filed. because it pertains to my new business.  Well, with the volume of old stuff still waiting to be dealt with, and the new stuff arriving almost daily, now I'm losing the new stuff amongst the old stuff.

This evening, when (unsuccessfully) looking for something I swear I'd had in my hand an hour before, I reached my limit of stuff.  Simply. Could. Not. Deal.

I isolated June stuff and put it to the side.  Then I took the box - one of those cardboard Banker's boxes one can buy in bulk at any office supply store - and dumped the whole bloody thing in the trash bin.**  Then I emptied both litter boxes on top.  Before the next trash pick-up day (Tuesday), I'll pour a liquid of some kind (about-to-be-spoiled-milk would be perfect) over everything. If anyone want to burrow through it, I wish 'em the best.

I have a big bottle of Clorox Cleaner with Bleach and a hose for after the trash truck leaves.  So, cleaning up after my meltdown will be easy.  And, neither of those will ever need to be filed!

I can see the bottom of the box now!  Shortly I'm going to break it down flat and put it in the recycle bin and send it to cardboard heaven.  Man, am I gonna sleep good tonight!

**If you're concerned about what I did, rest assured there are no uncashed or blank checks, credit cards, prescription drugs, needles, weapons or statements with personal info on them.

June 10, 2010

One year ago tomorrow, we lost our beloved Wags. I can't believe how much I still miss that dog.