April 18, 2009

Art is in the eye of the beholder

Today was a beautiful day here in Alpharetta, GA. Sunny and mild with temps in the high 60's and topping-off at an even 70 degrees. Coincidentally there were tons of outdoor activites planned for this weekend all over the Atlanta area. Being the basically lazy girl I am, I saved my energy to stay close to home and attend the Alpharetta Art Festival in lovely downtown Alpharetta. No, I am not being sarcastic, downtown Alpharetta is a really, really cute place.

I went because I wanted to meet one of the participating artists named Cathy Dailey from nearby Athens, GA [home of the U of Ga Bulldogs and hometown of music legends REM and the B-52's]. I know Cathy from her web store on etsy.com. I find some of the neatest stuff when mindlessly trolling the internet, don't you? Check it out...and see pictures of what I bought today:

Greeting cards named "Ignoring the Cat II"- two of those, actually; "The Gathering", which is so new I don't think it's even made it to the store yet; "Tangerine", "Bubbles" and "Brown Kitty Butt". I also bought a matted print of "Tangerine" as well. I am all about the animal-themed art, especially if it gives me the grins. And her stuff definitely does that. Shiny, happy things, perfect on a Spring day!

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Bethany said...

I saw this booth! Very cute. Isabella stopped to look at the dog prints. :)