April 05, 2014

I've Got A Really Long Draft

But it is overwhelming me so I'm bailing. So, let's do a quick update. 

I might be depressed, I'm not sure. I'm not sad or anything I just don't *care* about much. Very strange, really. 

I haven't had a period in like 14 months. Menopause is interesting. So far I have had only one hot flash but I feel like I'm constantly just a tad warmer than I used to be. My skin is drying up, my gums are receding and black hairs are growing out of my chin; but I don't swell up and get cramps, my under eye circles are significantly less noticeable and I like only needing 5-6 hours of sleep. 

I want easily 65% of the stuff in my house to go away. Too much stuff, I tell ya.

Pete turns 15 in September. He's our awesome little dude.

Sarah Palin was on The Tonight Show the other night and she's too skinny. Now, I don't like the woman and never have but I hate to see any woman undergo the degree of change she has because someone probably told her she wasn't "enough" of something. Pretty or young or thin or whatever.

I'm gonna miss David Letterman but hope he will enjoy a very long, very relaxing retirement. 

I think Bruce Springsteen is aging backwards.

January 24, 2014

What Do You Mean I Don't Have a Blog??

Egad, I haven't been here in forever! Blogger looks different and I actually had to struggle to find myself.

Lots to share and I'm gonna get to it. Just as soon as I figure out what the heck is going on....