April 23, 2009

Alpharetta to Richmond

I've been sucked- in to Twitter. Yeah, another brain-sucking social networking site. But it's kind of cool to get snippets about stuff that really doesn't need any more than 140 characters.

Not going to detail the crap out of this story, but I responded to a tweet from someone who has to drive from here to Virginia for a quick weekend trip. Long story short, we are leaving here on an upcoming day at 5:30-6:00am, arriving in Richmond around 4, my friend Cathy is fetching me and we're gonna eat and hang out until I head back home at noon the next day. Yes, I'm gonna be on the road for about the same amount of time as I'll be in Richmond, but it'll be fun nonetheless. Hanging with Cathy and her horses and the neatest cat ever (Peej) and eating at my absolute favorite eatery in Richmond - The White Dog.

I'm pumped. Totally.

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Lisa Emrich said...

Hope you have a fun trip, however brief it will be. :)