April 02, 2009

It's Thursday, therefore Wags is getting a poke

Wags has had a really good week this week and I was really optimistic about the hemoglobin (a.k.a. PCV) test today. Wags was not as excited:

But, being the totally rocking dude he is, he was an excellent pup and his hemoglobin was up a point, to 35. Woo-hoo! That increase came while we've been simultaneously tapering him off Prednisone which is very exciting. Wags didn't quite get it, apparently. He would not look at me at all on the way home LOL. My dog was giving me the cold shoulder, how frikking funny is THAT?!?!

Sorry about the picure quality, I took these from my cell phone on a very overcast day. While sitting at a traffic light. With my seatbelt on.


Herrad said...

Hi Anne,

Great photo of your dog giving you the cold shoulder.

Reminded me of a old dog Daisy who would snub us when she was displeased with us.

Take care.

have myelin said...

Did HE have his seatbelt on? LOL. My dog has one but what a contraption. Oh - did I spell that right or am I talking about BC pills. My MS brain is talking to me today.

Anne P said...

LOL, no he did not have a seatbelt on. Usually he stretches out in the back cargo area of the SUV but since he's been sick has hasn't been able to jump high enough to get into the back so he gets in to the back seat from the passenger side and stays there. He'd live to be able to sit in the front seat like a human but I don't allow that.

have myelin said...

He is really sweet looking. I love my dogs. They're more loyal than people aren't they? LOL.