April 05, 2009

Police and Fire and SWAT teams, oh my!

While on my way home from the bridal shower yesterday, I got a text from a neighbor saying, "Something is going on @ s somerset...fire police swat. Fyi when u get home u'll c it"

At the entrance to my neighborhood is a four-way stop. The main street in my 'hood is North Somerset. Go straight at the stop sign and you're on South Somerset. So I knew to expect some commotion and where it would be. Well, thank GOD my neighbor warned me! OMG. It looked like you could imagine. Law enforement vehicles everywhere, flashing lights, people standing in the street trying to catch a glimpse and two news crews.

Apparently this started shortly before 2:00, and just got busier and busier as the afternoon progressed. Everything ended at about 9:00 last night, here is the local Fox affiliate's story:


I gotta tell ya, I've lived in this house for nearly 20 years and we have THE BEST police department anywhere. Keep in mind I don't have a great deal of experience to compare this to, but every time a cop is needed in my neighborhood, they've been just phenomenal. The only tax bill I pay without bitching is the one that comes from the City of Alpharetta. Those guys and gals ROCK.


Anonymous said...

Last summer, a neighbor kid knocked on our door at 8PM while he was playing out front with his friends and hollered "Call 911! Fire down the street!" He didn't want to run all the way down the street to his house to call 911.

Sure enough, about 9 houses down, smoke was coming from the front bow window. I called 911 and within minutes, an explosion blew out all the downstairs windows.

I knew they had a pet and with no cars in the driveway, assumed no one was home. The fireman asked me and I told him about their dog - a cocker spaniel.

About 15 mins later, the owner comes into the street, sees all the fire trucks and rescue vehicles and says that he wants to go around so he can get to his house.

When asked what his address was, the fireman told him that it was his house that was on fire.

I can't imagine coming home to pull into my street and find MY house is the one on fire! But because of that incident last summer, I now worry that there is a fire at my house when cars are backed up coming into my culdesac.

It had to be horrifying for my neighbor, esp since dog died in fire but his family was in the car with him, safe and sound.

I think it is a fear every one of us would have if we had experienced an incident like this in our past.

I'm glad your neighborhood incident ended well and that nothing was going on at your house.


Anne P said...

Hi Anne,

I too live on a cul-de-sac and used to get real irritated when people would park in it, especially when I knew emegerncy vehicles can't turn around if there are too many cars parked at the curbs! I was bitching about it to a fireman (when my next door neighbor's oven caught fire several Thanksgivings ago), and he told me that the big fire trucks will just mow down a car parked in a cul-de-sac if they have to!

I don't know if that's true or not, but it IS a funny visual!

Thank you for visiting and I appreciate your comment!

The Other Anne