April 16, 2009

A good day and the rest of the week hasn't sucked much either!

Okay so, finished taxes on Monday, got that off my plate.

Tuesday was the one-month drug study checkup. That began with a pulmonary function test at the hospital. While waiting I met a very, very nice woman who is recovering from recent lung surgery. Yep. cancer. She is doing pulmonary rehab in order to be able to walk for one mile. Her doc wants her to be able to walk at least that before she starts radiation in 12 weeks. In the meantime she will be getting weekly chemotherapy, starting tomorrow. We really hit it off and exchanged phone numbers. I want to keep an eye on how she's doing...

Anyhoo, after that I went to the MS Center where I donated what seemed like massive quantities of urine and blood; submitted to an EKG and a vision test that I hate: the Low Contrast Letter Acuity Eye Exam This is like a regular eye exam, but they keep switching the charts with progressively lighter lettering. It starts out with black lettering on a white background, but it ends up with the palest of gray on white. This was done with one eye, then the other, then both with each of the progressively lower contrast charts. The lowest level of contrast was a joke when I did it back in December, but this time I actually saw a few lines! I was thrilled and the nurses were very impressed.

The last piece of business was a drive to the opthalmologist. I think they're checking to see if I've had any changes to my eyeballs indicating the onset of macular degeneration. That was a good visit, nothing is showing up. Thank goodness I didn't drive myself around that day, the eye doc dilated my pupils and it was extremely sunny on the ride home.

Wednesday I was pretty much a slug. Draggy and tired and just blah.

Today being Thursday, Wags had to go to the vet for a blood draw again. He is really starting to not like going there at all and got all trembly. The poor dude! At least it's a fast visit and his hemoglobin is up to 36 which is GREAT news. He stalled for so long at 34 I was afraid he might get stuck there permanently. Other than that, I spent an insane amount of time chatting with a new friend on Facebook. She asked some 'living with MS' kind of questions I really enjoyed talking about. They also helped me come up with a really cool idea for at least one blog topic! Which is good, because I have kind of been avoiding my blog.

Oh, and the best thing today? That would be a phone call from a very good friend of ours who is cellphone-capable until midnight tonight; after that she is incommunicado until she is sent to Afghanistan. It was SO nice to hear her voice - shame that Bo wasn't home to speak to her as well though.

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