January 02, 2011

All is well

Just popping in to report.  Had a nice Christmas.  Sat on my a** with an "A Christmas Story" marathon.

Had a nice 1st Wedding Anniversary the day after Christmas.  Sat on our a**es with an "American Chopper" marathon.

Had a nice NYE get together with a small group of friends.  No excess alcohol consumption by anyone - in fact, a full 75% of us did not have a drop of alcohol.  (My GOD we are getting old).  Didn't see one drunk driver (aka "weaver"), speeder, d'bag or sobriety checkpoint on the way home.

Weather's been pretty mild this New Year's weekend.  I am so much more productive when the sun is out!

Anyway, that's about that.  No drama.  No complaints.  Just peace.  I wish the same for all of you who happen by here.