May 20, 2009

You're fired!

So today I spoke with two brokerage firms about moving my existing investment account - currently at Merrill Lynch, whose check it was that bounced on me - over to them. Three solid hours on the phone, I kid you not. But I am determined not to let a company which can't even manage an effing checking account, manage my financial future.

Then the rest of the day was spent on Homeowner Association tasks. Thank God I am merely a committee member and not on the actual Board of Directors. Blech.

Oh, and in the mail was a letter from the State of Georgia that I've made a mistake on my 2005 income tax return and I have to file an amended return and I owe them like $1500 .

My brain is frozen in cramp mode, I swear.

Tomorrow, Wags has his weekly appointment at the vet, then I have a Physical Therapy appointment, then I have an evening meeting in the neighborhood. I'm tired already just thinking about it.

Wish me luck. Man, am I looking forward to this week ending.

1 comment:

Mary Anne said...

Just got your message. Boy, I'm tired looking at your last two days. I hope Wags gets better report. Call me when you can.