May 31, 2009

Time for the weekly wrap-up

Huh. This week seemed to move pretty fast. Was it the Memorial Day holiday? I don't know really...I mean, I don't have a job so all my days are kind of like a day off. Sounds better than it actually is, trust me.

A girlfriend of mine called, she and hubby (hers, not mine!) had to attend a family funeral in WV and I volunteered to keep her pup. The pup is a pocket beagle (12") named Lottie who - although she's just a tad spoiled - is a sweetie pie.

While I loved having her here and would do it again in a heartbeat, three dogs are just exhausting...especially when bladders are not in sync...dogs go out...dogs come in...non-stop...7:00am til midnight.

I received my first blog award from Webster. I think he was sick of Julie and I whining about not getting any awards. I guess the squeaky wheel does get the grease. Thanks, Webster!!

I can't say I'm disappointed that Susan Boyle did not win Britain's Got Talent. She's been pestered to death by stupid paparazzi and media commentators for like two months now, and she really kept her shit together better than most could. I've been watching online since the beginning, and I truly didn't care if she won or not, but if she didn't, I was rooting for Diversity. These guys choreographed a different performance at each stage of the competition and each one was clever, athletic and full of humor. Look at their final performance...they start out as a frikking Transformer for cripe's sake! Watch closely at how often they work together so that three of them become one. Really, really phenomenal. Besides, like American Idol, just think of all the #2's and 3's who have had significantly larger success in the long-term than did the winner. Susan is going to have a huge career for years. Speaking of #3's, I was hoping it would be these two.

I've got my crave on for an Einstein's to you guys later...

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Diane J Standiford said...

Where have you been? Gee, I guess I miss some MS blogs. And your cute dogs! I was a bit sad Susan didn't win, just the story got me, I hope they make a movie. Congrats on your award.