May 28, 2009

Really...a fundraiser??

So in the mail yesterday I got an invitation for an "old fashioned carnival" thing next weekend. Carnival games, a petting zoo, clowns, bring the whole family, etc.

This event is to raise money for the MS Center of Atlanta which is where I happen to go for care now that I'm in this drug study. I have never been under the care of a group of docs who actually hold fundraisers. But I guess a lot of "MS Centers" are 501(c)'s, so contributions are tax exempt...and so officers can receive HUGE salaries. Whatever.

But, I ok, I assume every patient gets one of these invites. Now look, MS Center of Atlanta, here's the thing: not trying to speak for everyone who has MS, but carnival games?? Every day of my life is an effing carnival game. I mean seriously, you ought to see me getting in and out of the shower...oh...ummm...well, maybe you shouldn't. Petting zoo? Right...a goat nudging me could put my ass on the ground. Clown? Really...I want to be made dizzy by a perky person in a multi-colored, multi-patterned outfit with a multi-colored afro wig in my face. Nightmare, truly. And don't even get me started on the squealing kids I'm quite sure will be attending.

Thanks for the invite, I think I'll pass...


Lazy Julie said...

Why don't you suggest that the doctors, nurses, and receptionists take turns sitting in a dunking booth and people with MS get to walk right up and push the button to dunk them in. ;-)
Also, I would like to hereby bestow on you the I DESERVE A FRICKEN AWARD, TOO award. Thanks for making me smile.
Lazy Julie

Jeff Pile said...

Hey, how are you this morning? My name is Jeff Pile and unfortunately, you and I are members of a growing "fraternity" of people with MS. I was recently diagnosed just this January so I am a newbie to this world. I came across your blog after seeing it posted on another MS blog. I also read on your blog that you live North of Atlanta. My favorite uncle lives in Roswell and he is the VP of the metro Atlanta YMCA's. I try to go down there at least once a year. I'd love for you to check my blog out and maybe add mine to your list of MS bloggers. Here is my blog address: I'd love to add yours to mine with your permission. Like I mentioned, I am a newbie so any advice you can offer health related of even blog related would be great! Good luck with EVERYTHING and I hope to hear back from you soon!


Webster said...

It has been done, Miss Anne. You may come on over and pick up your award. I promise there will be no clowns there to push you around.

Be Well.