March 09, 2009

One more week and critters in the chimney

I'm in the home stretch. Now I can finally plan my packing list for next Monday.

DVD's - I've got the entire first season of The Big Bang Theory, a documentary about the history of the word F***, and am also considering renting Bill Maher's Religulous.

Food - I've sent an email to see if there is a microwave available if I want to pack a lunch that needs warming up. I'm thinking about some Panang Curry with tofu from my favorite Thai restaurant. If not then it'll be PB&J.

We have a little woodpecker family nesting around our chimney. Bo has been scoping the hole out with his air rifle, waiting to shoot the birdies out of the sky. Me being the critter-lover I am, I'm having fits. Spoke to a place that will remove them and take them to a birdie rehab on Wednesday. During my phone call with them I learned woodpeckers are federally protected and I can't WAIT to tell Bo he'd be breaking the law. Hehehehe.

*ADDENDUM 12:15am*

This is the email I got back from the Study Nurse:

"Good morning, Anne!
Yes we have microwave, hot and cold water. Bring what you need to keep you satisfied throughout the day. Remember you are not allowed to leave the office during the day. Do not eat before you come in so we can draw you blood fasting.
By the way your cholesterol is elevated and Dr English’s suggest that you see your PCP and start a statin drug for the hypercholesterolemia. Your cholesterol is 267 with LDL 164 which are both very high. If you need a copy, I can either mail or fax you both the screening labs in December and the ones we just repeated last week. Both are elevated. Just let me know."


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