March 17, 2009

Fingohead membership card

Started the day today back at the MS Clinic at 7:30-ish and the morning was just loaded with highlights!

First, the removal of the holter monitor.  While it's not the worst thing a doctor could do to me, 24-hours of itchy EKG lead adhesive and not being able to shower is about all I can handle.  Yes, that smell is me.  Blech.

Then a new EKG strip and HR and BP were checked again.

Finally I was presented with my own little box, holding three bottles of pills, 35 each.  I took today's dose (yep, still being stared at the whole time) and got my official "Patient Card".  Among other things it says, "I am participating in a clinical trial of FTY720, an experimental drug for the treatment of Multiple Sclerosis (MS)."  

One hour later, I was sent out into the world, to join the other Fingoheads in search of a better, injection-free MS therapy.

Here is my new ID photo:

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