March 13, 2009

Friday The 13th? I LAUGH in your general direction!

Pretty excellent day today. Actually, I've had, three pretty excellent days this week. I'm telling you, I really dig the jump to Daylight Savings Time!

I've got my tote almost ready to take with me on Monday. The Snuggie is in the wash and a fresh pillowcase is at the ready. A brand new italian place just opened and I immediately snagged a copy of the menu. I picked out a pasta dish and a salad to buy on Sunday, refrigerate overnight, and take with me to the MS Clinic for a meal.

I spent many hours on the phone and in person with AT&T Wireless today, determined to solve a problem I've had since, I kid you not, November of 2007! I was tenacious as a terrier and refused to accept the lame-ass answers I was getting. Today proved that when you get the right person, a problem can be solved in a matter of minutes. Now I can buy a decent ringtone for my phone. Seriously. A year and a half to get that straightened out.

I got my lab reports in the mail yesterday - the ones that show my nasty cholesterol level - and delivered a copy to my PCP today. I've got an appointment with him on Wednesday morning to talk about them and see what he has to say. His receptionist was looking at them like they were written in a foreign language and had a look on her face like she was trying to formulate a question. So I stood there for several seconds, when she looked at me and said, "Ummm. Where is your name?" I burst out laughing at that because I hadn't noticed I am not identified by name (double-blind study, remember) just a code number. So we both got a kick out of that, I identified myself and everything is good. That is really a funny story but I guess you kind of had to be there.

As an aside, I also have wonky RBC morphology which basically indicates I am mildly to markedly anemic. Yeah, no shit Sherlock.

I did get a phone call from the Head Research Nurse saying they were all excited to see me on Monday and FINALLY get this party started. As you can imagine, so am I.

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