March 04, 2009

Every day is the dawn of a new error

Ok, so I survived the Baseline testing this morning. Yay me. Listen to THIS.

Yesterday, my BF and I were scheduled to attend an evening class at a local high school. Knowing I was going to need a little pick me up in order to make it through, I drank one of those little six-hour energy shots at about 1:00. About an hour later I'm checking emails and I see one titled "refund receipt". My first thought was it must have been a piece of spam that made it past my email filter but the senders name looked kind of familiar. So, I opened it and learned I had been credited back the class fee. Huh? I called the senders phone number (very handily added to her email signature) and yep, the class was cancelled. That in and of itself did not break my heart, but I wished I had seen the email before I drank the energy shot. Oh well.

So I'm setting my alarm last night before bed, at nearly midnight because the damned energy shot worked so well. I had to be up at 5:45am in order to have enough time to drink a cuppa coffee, shower, dress and warm the car up before a 6:50am departure. So the alarm goes off on time, I immediately head into the kitchen to get the coffee feeling very proud of myself when the BF says, "Honey, why are you up?" I respond, "Because the alarm went off, it's nearly six." To which he says, "No it's not, it's not five o'clock yet!" Huh? Great. And I've already slammed down a half cup of coffee.

Of course I arrived at the MS Center already tired. First there was blood taken, the nurse was a good sticker, got in, got blood, got out. Then there was the urine sample which was pretty easy since I'd had two cups of coffee and 16 ounces of water in the car. Then the MRI. Same old same old, room too cold and the tech cannot inject contrast material without at least two attempts. Finally, the 9-hole peg thing, the timed 25-foot walk, the godAWFUL adding of the numbers thing (although I DID do much better today than in December).

So, everything is good to go for the 16th. And I get to spend the entire day in an exam room, by myself, with no WiFi, and a door that must remain closed. Huh? No recliner? No watching people walk up and down the hall? No takeout for lunch? I'm feeling claustrophobic already...

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Glenn said...

Yay!! The tough part is over, it's all down hill from here! Woo hoo!!

Your fellow lab rat,