January 04, 2009

Wow, I HAVE been neglecting things, huh?

In our office space there is a cardboard Banker's Box in which I have been tossing things; between bills, Merrill Lynch statements, catalogs, MS publications and other miscellaneous crap I pull out of the mailbox every day, this box is overflowing. One of the few resolutions I made for 2009 is to organize that box and no longer toss things into it.

So, today I started that task.  I completed two steps today.  First, if it is obviously junk mail or any type of solicitation, it goes immediately into the trash.  This resulted in two brown grocery bags full of stuff being tossed away.

The second step was to open every envelope.  The things in envelopes are monthly statements for one thing or another that I know I have to file. Getting them out of their envelopes and stacking them in order resulted in one more grocery bag being tossed.

That really should not have worn me out, but it did.  Maybe the fact that it took about six hours to do those two tasks is the cause?  Anyway, at least I can say that the size of the crap in the box has been reduced by about 40%.

I have to go lie down now.

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