January 05, 2009

Doggone it!

So, I have these two dogs, right? Maggie and Wags.  They are hound mixes and really, really good pups.  Maggie is smart as a whip and is an excellent communicator.  Wags is probably smart, just much quieter about it (here's his picture - you decide).  He's more of a stoner. He does nothing fast - except eat - and is asleep more often than not.

Wags was kind of out of it all evening yesterday, and would not eat this morning. Wags never refuses food.  In fact, his nickname is Lumpy and is kept on a pretty strict, low-cal diet.  My honey and I, neither of us doggie experts, panicked, and got Wags to the veterinarian's office.  A physical exam and $107 later, we came home and Wags took a dump the size of a Hummer H3 in the back yard.  Then he ate breakfast and is snoring away in his favorite chair.

If they can play with breeding to the point where they can create a little freaky thing like this (left), why not the ability to form words?  That way, maybe Wags would have just said, "Hey!  Chill!  I'm just a little constipated, jeez!", and I would have saved a hundred bucks.

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GPS said...

Get well soon Wags!