January 28, 2009

Maybe this time it'll work

You know, I was thinking last night - there isn't much else to do at 1:00 in the morning on a steroid high - and something occurred to me. I had that flare-up in October. At the time I was directed to receive a three-day course of IV Solumedrol. On Day One I developed a most severe allergic reaction and the drug was stopped immediately. My doc at the time was very much freaked out and refused to order me any more IVs of any kind; I was directed to take a week's worth of oral Prednisone; anyone who has had MS for any length of time knows that Prednisone really doesn't do much for sh** when it comes to getting one out of an exacerbation quickly and completely.

So, my thought? The flare-up in October never really completely healed. What happened to me last week was not a new flare; rather it was the old flare just reappearing.

Why does that matter? Well, I would rather have one long-lasting flare on my record versus two flares in three months. Maybe I'm paranoid, but I fear it could be the difference between retaining a relapsing-remitting diagnosis as opposed to a more progressive diagnosis. Drug studies love relapsing-remitting. There is darned near nothing going on in the progressive world.

Just a thought...

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