January 09, 2009

Diamond Miracle Kibble and I'm packing heat.

After turning his nose up at food for three days in a row, late last night - seriously, it was late - I caught Wags nibbling on the food that had been sitting in a bowl all day right next to him. It's not like he at the whole thing or anything, but he did eat about 10% of it.  On his own.  There was no nagging, begging or violence involved on my part.  Yay, huh?

Not quite.  But, Wags is obviously feeling better because he's spending a lot of time outside in the sun and not spending the whole day curled up in a ball in his crate.  On a whim, I asked my neighbor to donate a sandwich-bag amount of Diamond Lamb & Rice to the "getting Wags to eat something" cause.  Lo and behold, he took right to it and snarfed it down very nicely.  Since he's hardly eaten in the past few days, I fought off the temptation to give him three servings and just gave him the one meal.  I think he really liked it.  I guess I'm going to the feed store tomorrow.

On a completely different note, say hello to my little friend:

You may ask, "What in heaven's name is a person with MS doing with a handgun?" and that is a very valid question.  My boyfriend is a retired Army Ranger, lifelong member of the NRA and a Republican 'til the day he dies.  Absolutely not my type, but here I am.  Recently, a local girl - homebound and in a wheelchair - experienced a home invasion where the perpetrators beat her horribly.  I decided after that, it was NOT going to happen to me.  So, I started shooting more, renting all different kinds of weapons to find one that was not horribly expensive that I was comfortable handling.  And this is it.  A 9mm Springfield Arms XD-M.

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