January 14, 2009

Where did that wall come from and canine dental issues

So yesterday morning I woke up a little earlier than planned - I hate it when that happens - and the dogs naturally thought that meant it was time to get up and start the day. Two cups of coffee and an energy shot later, the wall came crashing down at about noon.

Now, there's tired and there's fatigued. Then a line is crossed and the best way to describe what happens next is coma. Cannot walk. Cannot eat. Eyes are open, but what I see is discombobulated. Have you ever felt like your brain was crooked? Seriously, like everything had sort of a right-leaning bent to it. The point of this story is, I hit the bed at noon, woke up for dinner at 7:00pm, then back to bed until about four o'clock this morning. Other than the fact that every joint in my body is stiff, all is again (up)right in my world.

Wags has lost more than three pounds! For all intents and purposes he is back to his old self, though. I sure would like to know what started all this nonsense in the first place!! Our last order of business is an appointment tomorrow for a teeth cleaning. Pup has nasty plaque and his mouth is probably not a fun place to be. I hope that clean teeth will make the poop he always likes to eat a lot less attractive. Blech!

Oh yeah, I received an email about the Fingolimod schedule from the study nurse. Even though she'd given me the information over the phone, I feel so much better having it in writing. Even with that, sometimes I wonder if this is really EVER going to happen!!

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