November 05, 2008

So Much for Having Any Control

So I get an email describing what I should expect prior to actually getting any drug.  There are tests, tests and more tests for a week in December.

The first - and longest - day of testing begins at 7:30a.m. on Monday, December 15th.  Monday mornings suck.  Monday morning during rush hour are nightmarish.  Monday morning rush hour in Atlanta is unspeakable.

Anyway, I meet with the study docs, give some blood for lab work, get an EKG, learn how to perform the cognitive tests required by the study and get fitted with a Holter monitor.  The Holter is basically a portable EKG that will track my heart rate for the next 24 hours.  At some point I will be sent to a nearby hospital where I'll submit to a Pulmonary Function Test and an eye exam.  

Trying to determine when I get to eat...

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