November 17, 2008

Mourning is Over

I spent the morning trying to determine what I was going to do about my deceased former iPod.  I could take it to the Apple Store and see what they recommended, but that's not smart.  Every time I enter that store I use more and more willpower not to buy an iPhone, which could act as my phone and iPod in one place.  But I need an iPhone like I need a hole in my head.  The phone I have now, a Samsung Blackjack, works just fine, thank you.

1. The Blackjack can't synch up with my MacBook.  So, I have to enter every calendar item twice if I want it to be mobile.
2. The iPhone would probably end up costing me $600 with a bluetooth headset, car charger, the monthly plan fee and the fact AT&T will not subsidize me (the rotten scumbags).
3. The iPod Touch can synch with my MacBook and hold my music, contacts and calendar.

So . . . drumroll please . . . meet the newest techie toy in my arsenal.  Looks like an iPhone but it's not! This is what $229 bought me.  The 8GB iPod touch.  Very handsome, isn't he?

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Bethany said...

Hey! Now, in addition to being neighbors, we can be blog buddies! :-) I like your little life snippets...