November 17, 2008

R.I.P. To A Beloved iPod

I've had a 6GB iPod Mini for about five years now.  A couple of days ago I traveled up to the North Georgia mountains and wanted to bring my little green buddy because there was no cable, internet or wireless where we were staying.  So I plugged in the car charger and headed out.  

After a less than two-hour drive, we were getting all set up and my iPod was dead!  That was a bit disturbing because the indicator light on the car charger appeared to be working just fine.  Well, not having my tunes was not the end of the world; we had plenty of CD's and a portable CD player to entertain us.

Upon my return home I connected the iPod into my laptop.  Nothing.  My desktop.  Zip.  The Bose SoundDock. Nada.  It was dead.

Thank heaven my music is in the iTunes file on my desktop, so I haven't lost anything except the portability and overall cuteness of this shiny, bright green little bundle of fun.  On the upside, I think I paid $250 for it five years ago and a new iPod Touch is going to give me 8GB for $229. 

Wait . . . did I just say that spending $229 two weeks before Thanksgiving was the UPSIDE?  Geez...

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