August 04, 2011


So I'm chatting with this person [which I'm known to do].  The situation doesn't matter.

THEM:  YOU have MS??
ME: Yep.
THEM:  My [insert noun here] died of MS.
ME [out loud]: Oh my, I'm very sorry to hear that.
ME [silently]: And why exactly the hell do you tell me that, asshat.


Thirteen years after diagnosis and I still have no earthly idea how to respond.


Sherri said...

i don't understand people...

did that person think the comment was going to make you feel any better about the beast? holy hell!

i find that there are two typical responses upon the discovery that i have MS... the first is that they know someone who has had MS for 148 years and is doing GREAT! and the second is the one you got.... someone who had MS died....


Sherri said...


what i said at the end of my previous comment... "asshat"...

THAT is my response to those comments.... in my outside voice even :)

SarcasmInAction said...

No one has said that to me yet, but if they ever do, I'm saying, F off moron.
Then I'll blame my outburst of rudeness on my MS. Damn lesions!

Mary K. Mennenga said...

I do like that cartoon! Really I do.

Jackie Z said...

I tend to give a snarky comment after about how people don't really die of MS, but rather the symptoms. Then sarcastically give them information and try to ruin their day, like they did mine.

More or less I wanna say, Thanks a lot fuck face, I appreciate your death wish. Asshole.

Webster said...

ME [NOT silently]: And why exactly do you find it necessary tell me that? [stand there expecting answer because it's a fair question]

TickledPink said...

Yeah, it's either "so and so died of it" or you get the well wishers who want you to remove all your fillings and have bees sting you.

Suggest THAT to the average person and see if they don't respond in kind with an endless face slap session.

Anne P said...

I'm thinking I'm going to say something like, "Well im sorry to hear that, but my plan is to drop dead after a weekend of monkey sex with Bruce Springsteen."

Or George Clooney.
Or Daniel Craig.
Or Stephen Moyer.
Or Jon Bon Jovi.