February 22, 2011

I Just Can't Make This Sh** Up

Ok, so I simply had to check in on that MS Forum that I ranted about a few months ago.  Why?  I don't know, just feeling sassy I guess.  My overall moods have really on an even keel for several weeks so I figured what the hell.

It's a good thing I did because just today they really did a huge revamp of the site and I'm glad I saw it because now I'm thinking I might not be as comfortable there anymore but I digress...

So this user posts that her urine has been smelling foul [yes there it is, out on the interweb forever] and could it be the supplements she takes? She provides a list of what she takes and wonders if anyone knows which of them causes one's urine to smell foul.  While I'm reading her post, the voices in my head are saying:

"Why don't you Google each supplement and read the frapping side effects list?"  "You're *sure* you don't have an infection, riiiiiiiiight?"  and "Why don't you skip a different one each day until your pee stops stinking up the place?"

Then I realized, in my mind  each of those sentences actually ended with "stupidlazybitch", so I just logged off.

Stupid People

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Sherri said...

i am laughing my ass off right now! you have just put into words all the things i think when i read the crazy shit people ask about... if they'd do a little reading, investigating... research... of their own they wouldn't come across as such dolts!

Webster said...

I haven't laughed this hard at a post in awhile. Yeah, the stoopid questions you see on the forums... Your responses?: Priceless.

I have one for you to answer.

Does MS make you stupid?

Anne P said...

Hey Webster, I've actually given that some thought and I've decided, while MS does steal much of your mental clarity - thereby making you feel stupid, I don't believe it actually causes stupidity where it never existed. I think it simply exacerbates already existing stupidity.