February 27, 2011

How I spent my weekend

Friday: Date night at the new, nearby gun range. My husband went by there after work. Neglected to mention it to me. Was I heartbroken? No, that's not something I yearn to do like he does, but if he'd told me he wanted to go I certainly would have gone with him. He thought he'd told me. Whatever. Jerk.

Saturday I slept until 11:45. Have no idea why; I didn't realize I was that tired. Shortly after getting up, the hubby went to the bank to learn he'd majorly fucked-up. It cost him $17,500. Don't ask. Needless to say, he was a real treat for the rest of the day. Jerk.

Today the hubby slept until 10:45, and arose in a foul mood. Probably mourning the $17,500 fuck-up from yesterday. He surfed the web until about 2:30, showered and is gone again. Jerk.

This is totally not what I thought marriage was like. I'm not angry or upset, just surprised and I think a little disappointed. It's a good thing I was single for as long as I was; I like having, and am very comfortable with, alone time. And I still have a lot more of it than I'd always imagined a married woman to have, which is kind of weird.

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