January 17, 2013

Because It's All About Me

During this recent MS flare-up and subsequent steroid therapy, I've had a lot of time to reflect. Control is a huge thing for me. Don't know where that comes from, it just is. Well, not true. I suspect I know where it comes from but it's not like I need a therapist to "fix" it.

When I'm working on a task - no matter how minor - and I'm interrupted, I get peeved. Which causes me a lot of internal stress. Which peeves me further. 

On the very short list of things I can control there is the telephone. So, I did some digging and found the code to stop my home phone from ringing. At all. Ever. My family, friends and creditors all have my cell phone. Charities, politicians and other people who just want, want, want...don't. 

I'm amazed how productive and relaxed I am without the phone ringing all day. 

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