September 10, 2012

Jealousy, pride and politics

So my great friend Jeri has hit the Big Time! Her MS blog apparently has been catching some VIE's (Very Important Eyes) in the Biomedical and Pharma communities and she is now being invited to tell her story in person to actual really smart muckety-mucks at some heavily-attended meetings. Bitch.

OK, I'm insanely a little jealous. So what if I don't write as well as she does or have never met a cuss word I didn't like, I want to be invited too, I've got stuff to say too! (insert whine here).

It dawned on me over the weekend that for the first time I think ever in my life I'm truly excited for a friend who is succeeding and realizing a dream. It's a nice feeling to not harbor even just a smidge of animosity. Besides, I'm already exercising and building up grip strength in order to grab on to her coat tails. I'm not proud; I'll be her Girl Friday when she decides she needs one. I can be Rosalind Russell to her Cary Grant...except for the kissing part because that's not how I roll.

Oh, and look how cute this is getting. Romney & Ryan. Two Rs. R-squared.

Scares the Living Crap out of me.

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