April 27, 2011

If you have an answer already, don't ask the damned question, ok?

Husband: What are you thinking for dinner?
Me:: I've got the fixin's for beefy noodle soup, how does that sound?
Husband:: How about chicken scallopini?
Me:: I don't know how to make chicken scallopini.
Husband:: Oh, you can figure it out. Google a recipe.
Me:[Silently]: Oh, f*** you.


Kim @ Stuff could... said...

I would say, oh you can google scallopini, ok....Just my thinkin'

Sherri said...

ha! i've had the conversations from time to time... but that last line is generally not silent, but rather in my outside voice :) so how did the scallopini turn out?

Anne P said...

I've learned the next time he asks, my response will not include a request for his opinion. That's what did me in.

And the chicken was really good; but cleaning up was a bitch.

TickledPink said...

It's opposite here... They beg me not to google. Who knows what they'll end up with for dinner when all they really wanted was spaghetti or hamburgers.