September 17, 2010

I'm baaaaaaaaacccckkkk!!!!

Well ok, I didn't really go anywhere, I've just been feeling really good and able to do a lot of cool, fun stuff.  It's kind of almost . . . oh, I don't know . . .  having  a LIFE or something.

Back in February or March I mentioned that I'd gone back to drinking Reliv shakes after many years off.  They were first introduced to me very shortly after my MS diagnosis [twelve years ago holy shit] and I didn't really see how they were benefiting me.  They certainly weren't hurting me but for the price I really wanted to feel something drastic.  Now that I've been feeling so not so good for a couple of years now I figured what the hell, I'll give 'em another try.

Well. My appetite is reduced, my fatigue is basically a non-issue, my depression has lifted [didn't realize just how depressed I was until I wasn't anymore], my vision is sharper, my legs are stronger, I'm getting biceps [!], my skin looks great, the circles under my eyes are diminished, no more PMS and my brain power is returning.

One significant side effect, though.  My nails and hair grow like gangbusters.  My husband keeps absconding with the nail trimmers and I have to shave my legs every frikking day now.

Life is good.  Busy.  But good.  I even wear out the dogs.



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