September 20, 2010

Germy germs

So on Friday the husband gets home from work around dinner time and gives me a kiss then says, "We shouldn't be kissing right now, Mark was out sick today and I think he passed me something."

Really?  Share that after the kiss?  Wouldn't before have been a little smarter? And why are you kissing Mark?

Of course, by bedtime last night I could feel a sore throat coming on.  "Honey," I said "how long was Mark sick before he called out?  Did he say anything about his throat being sore?"  The husband replies, "I don't remember but my throat was bothering me most of last week."

Really? And it didn't dawn on you until Sunday [when I had to ask] to say anything?

You know where this is going.  This morning the throat was sore and dry, accompanied by the sniffling and coughing that are trying to take up residence in my head and chest.

I guess it's just being a Monday...

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