February 23, 2010

Brain farts

Okay so, my first week on these Reliv shakes has been only positive.
  • Brain fog is clearing
  • Have only napped once this week, and that was the afternoon my period started
  • Can walk farther before my legs give out. Not significantly farther. Just a smidge. But I'll take it!
  • I'm reducing Claritin and not sneezing my brains out...as much
  • And let me tell you about my poopies...!
A few months ago I bought in to a company called Tastefully Simple. I love this stuff and naively assumed I'd be able to easily talk people into buying some product because I am so excited about it. Then...Bo's mom came for a visit, stayed for 12 weeks and I totally let this slide. But I'm back to it and working hard on it and hope it can soon start to pay off for me.

I wish my new husband will get off his hiney pretty soon and jump through whatever a hoops a veteran needs to jump through to get some medical benefits for his new spouse.

The uber-blogger Jeri posted this yesterday about the drug study that we're both on. Exciting stuff, but I really detest what this drug is going to be called. Gilenia? Sounds like a gynecological infection to me.

Said drug study is asking lab rats at the one-year mark to undergo a cardiac ultrasound, which I did this morning. The financial incentive, while very nice, was not necessary for me, I would have agreed without it. I'm taking it of course, I'm not an idiot. It's nearly a car payment!

Hubby and I are both kicking ourselves for putting our dog Maggie through that knee surgery a few months ago...it ultimately failed and healing has been really slow. She has forgiven us, though.

I've been enjoying the hell out of the Olympics this year.

'Kay, that's the latest. Be well, everybody!

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