February 17, 2010

Been there, done that

So yesterday I get a phone call from a neighbor, inviting me and Bo to her home on Saturday. She and her husband are "starting a new business" that they want to share with their friends. I had to decline because we already have a commitment for that night. So then she invited me over this morning for a tea party [not a Tea Party tea party, just hot beverage and muffins and fruit].

When I arrived, I see she has her kitchen table all decorated with booklets and products from a company called "Reliv". I remembered how, very shortly after my MS diagnosis in 1998, a family friend introduced me to Reliv products and I used them for a few years. If memory serves, this was from early 2000 to early 2005. Can't tell you exactly why I stopped, I think I was just bored with them.

I also remember not having a flare, being able to walk my dogs for a mile every day and having the stamina to work 55-70 hours a week at my job (!), which has not been my experience since late 2005.

This gave me pause...did I remain as healthy as I was then because that was just my disease course...or was Reliv actually helping me?

So yeah, I'm giving it another try. I've committed to 90 days. I'll keep you informed.

Hey, do any of you use Reliv? Or have you in the past? Please let me know about your experience!

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