July 07, 2009

Where the heck ya been?

So much chaos and mayhem...ok, I'm lying, it's not that bad. You know, I work extremely hard on my calendar...what needs to be done by when, medical and dental appointments, personal appointments, doggy appointments, etc.

Every day...seriously, every day, I get an unexpected phone call or email that requires me to stop what I'm doing and go deal with it. And you know what? None of these things involve someone bleeding or something on fire. They are - 99% of them anyway - bullshit. See, I'm the lucky duck responsible for my neighborhood's swim/tennis/clubhouse facility and this is the kind of crap I get all frikking day:

"My key card doesn't work!" [Have you paid your dues?]
"A group of teenagers are being rude!" [Did you tell them to cut it out?]
"Somebody jumped the fence a couple days ago!" [A couple days ago? And you'd like me to do what?]

Well, you know what? No more. Neighborhood emails and phone calls will get a reply within 12-24 hours. And do not just show up at my door without first letting me know you're coming. If something is burning or someone is bleeding or something illegal is going on, your first call should be to 911. NOT TO ME.

Stepping down off my soap box now, thank you for listening.


Webster said...

Lucky Duck gets a backbone!

Summer fun ahead.

Anne P said...


Have Myelin? said...

HA! You live my life.