February 18, 2009

HELP HELP!! Facebook is taking over my life!

So, I'm Skype-ing with my BFF Mary Anne, and she tells me about how she found some long-lost friends and extended family on Facebook. While listening to her story - all 45 minutes if it - I started coming up with names of people with whom I might like to make contact.

Soooooooo, at about 10:30 that morning I set up an account and started searching for old friends. Thank god my boyfriend was home all day, otherwise the cat wouldn't have gotten any food and the dogs' bladders would have exploded. As I write this, my Friends list has grown and contacts are being re-established.

Makes me wonder, wouldn't it be cool if there was such a thing as Facebook for MS? Maybe call it 'Brainbook' and use it to reintroduce my brain to whatever it is in my right leg that causes it to give out on me sometimes. Or maybe my fingers, so they stop dropping stuff at most inopportune times. Fantasy? Absolutely. A COOL fantasy? AbsoFRIKKINGlutely!!

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Hey Anne,
I just 'friend requested' you on Facebook. hehe. I found you on Mary Anne's friend list.