February 03, 2009

$800 + $260 = not my problem!

So these two trips to the derm have resulted in charges totaling over $1,000!

I was a little bit concerned because I'd thought all this stuff was being paid by the drug study. Not so concerned I was actually losing sleep over it or anything, but I DO want people - even doctors - to get paid for their services in a timely manner. So, a quick phone call to the dermatologists office confirmed the study site was also receiving the bills, and paying them. I think the words were, "Oh, just ignore them, they're not your problem. Throw them out."

Now if I can just find someone to pay my Amex bill...


Michael said...

So can you go back to the dermatologist's office... get a little injection, maybe a lift/tuck, and then charge that back to the study? I mean, c'mon... it's all in the name of medicine.

Anne P said...

Excuse me, are you insinuating I have ANYTHING that requires surgical intervention? You can talk that garbage to me when you hit FORTY, you smart-mouthed little whippersnapper!