May 02, 2013

Bye, Agnes

So, it's been one week ago today that we sent Agnes The Rescue Kitty on her way to wherever kitties go when they die. I am still amazed and disappointed by anyone who will abandon an animal they've had for the animal's entire life, leaving it alone and trapped in a filthy house.

I've located an address for a family member of theirs and I intend to notify them of her passing. But I'm struggling with how to word it without saying, "Hey assholes, remember your cat who you deserted? The one you told me to put down 3 1/2 years ago? Yeah well, she died. You happy?"

I might come up with an actual obituary-type thing, mentioning all of the funny shit she did when we moved her in with us. I really, really, would like to think these people still have some guilty feelings buried somewhere and, boy, would I enjoy bringing them to the surface.

Vindictive? Me? Yeah, OK, I'll own it.

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