February 20, 2012

Why I'm Skipping a Springsteen Show

Any of my readers who know me personally know I've been a RABID fan of Bruce Springsteen since 1981. I have every legally released recording or video (and yes, some not-so-legal ones too), I can recite his life story from memory and, in fact, can probably look at a picture of him and tell you the year it was taken. Back when I had a job with a really nice salary for a single girl, I even hopped planes to see him in other states.

Now look, there are people who have literally taken weeks at a time to follow his tour through the US, Canada, even Europe; I'm not one of them. I'd like to think that means I'm relatively sane and still have retirement money, both of which are good things, yes?

His newest single was released last week and I'm very excited for the CD to come out. And yay, he and the band have announced new tour dates and everything which is way cool. My gosh, dude is like 62 or something and is still making relevant music. And he's still sexy as hell and hasn't lost much hair and can rock a pair of jeans (whew. stop.) and do three hour shows...but I digress.

Anyway, he's going to be here in Atlanta next month. Tickets went on sale and I didn't try to buy any. See, he is performing at Philips Arena downtown. Owned by the Atlanta Spirit Group, it is also home to our (mediocre) NBA franchise. These bozos wasted more than ten years and a shit ton of money in lawsuits over their third property, our (sold and moved to fucking Canada) NHL team.

If one were to Google "Atlanta Thrashers", one would find innumerable articles detailing the cluster-fuck that is this ownership group.

I'm sad to lose hockey in Atlanta, but I'm also bitter about the events which led up to that loss. And until those asshats are no longer beneficiaries of any Philips Arena revenue, I will not be supporting any event in the facility.

I'm sure Bruce doesn't care, but I feel better.