November 29, 2010


Over the past week or two, everybody seems to be giving thanks for one thing or another.  Yea it was the Thanksgiving holiday and all that but it seemed every television commercial, local newscast and web page wanted to know, "What are you thankful for this holiday season?"

Everybody is thankful for family and friends.  I get it although it is a bit vague and redundant [kind of like when a beauty pageant contestant wants "world peace"].  I heard a lot of "I'm thankful for my life" which is just a cop-out. What?  That you're alive? What? More specifics, please.

I somehow managed to not have to share my list, because it's pretty long and I can't always recite it off the top of my head. Yesterday it dawned on me that [D'oh] I have this blog, a place where I can record shit and don't have to remember the details.  I can just refer people here! And I can add things anytime I want, simply by editing.  Sweet! So, here is the list - Version 1 - as of this moment (in no particular order):

- I have a roof over my head
- I don't have a mortgage
- My brother and I get along and I trust him implicitly
- My sister and I get along and I trust her implicitly
- Said siblings both have great kids whom I love *and* like
- I have phenomenal neighbors and we all have keys to each others' homes
- My husband is working
- I know a shitload of nice people
- I had the funds to make my car payment this month
- The course of my life with multiple sclerosis does *not* include unrelenting pain
- My husband loves to wash the floors
- My brother and his wife invite us to their Thanksgiving bacchanalia every year and she is the best cook on the planet
- On Thanksgiving Day - out of nowhere - my 13 year old niece gave me a big, long hug
- Sometimes I recognize my grandmother in myself
- Sometimes I recognize my dad in my brother
- The pantry is full of food
- I have clean water to drink

Now, I've got some leftovers to tackle!


Anchors Away! said...

I'm thankful for those things for you too!

Have Myelin? said...

Love it! =)

Savoir Affaire said...

That's alot to be thankful for!