May 27, 2010

You Say Gilenia, I Say Fingolimod

Still struggling with the new name of this yet-to-be-approved MS drug.  I admit, it took about two months for me to properly pronounce 'Fingolimod' but really, people, Gilenia?!  I'm sorry.  It still sounds like a gynecological infection.

Anyway.  Speaking of Gil [can't nickname it 'G' because there is apparently an illegal recreational drug called that], my favorite blogger Jeri has posted a Novartis press release announcing the FDA is extending their review period from June to September.  That kind of sucks, but better safe than sorry I suppose.

Also today I got an email from the study nurse here, reminding me of my next visit on June 2nd.  That'll be #11.  Not sure why, but it feels like I've seen them more than that!  Well, no matter.  This is going to be an easy one.  Labs and some neuro tests (oh boy, MATH!!) which should take less than two hours.

I told her it would be very cool if they had a check for me.  The one they promised if I would undergo a cardiac ultrasound.  Which I did.  Three months ago.  Good thing I'm not holding my breath on that!

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