September 30, 2009


On the 19th of this month I co-hosted a baby shower with two other girls for a neighbor. As of now, our only thank-you notes have been in the form of text messages. Not cool.

I'm still not over my disappointment with Jim Parsons not winning an Emmy.

Had a great time checking out as many of the new television shows as possible during premiere week. Glee and Fast Forward have now been added to my DVR schedule.

I'm so grateful the flooding that went on around here last week largely bypassed me.

Saw both Christine Lahti and Delta Burke on television shows recently. I don't know exactly what they've been doing to themselves but feel very sure it involves botox and collagen injections. Ladies...stop...seriously.

The boyfriend had to fly up to NJ today. His mom is in the hospital being evaluated for passing out...or blood pressure issues...or hip pain. The drama queen sister of his can't keep her stories straight. Never met the woman and I already know I don't like her. Hopefully he can come home Friday or Saturday.

Maggie seems to be recovering well from her knee surgery. And here I was so worried about keeping her quiet:

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