December 19, 2008

Hey there moley girl

This can also be called Fingolimod Trial Screening Day, Part Two.  This time I visited the study Dermatologist to get a body check.  Apparently a potential side effect of this study drug is melanomas, so they want to A) make sure you don't have any prior to entering the study, and B) make a record of every mole you have on your body so if any of them changes there will be a Before and After photo array.

Yep, that's right.  The derm took pictures.  Of each and every "beauty mark" on my body.  Even the ones in places that have NEVER been exposed to the sun.  And this was after she measured them.  I think there were 27, not including the four she went ahead and removed. They've been sent out to whatever lab it is that'll determine whether or not they are anything to worry about.

They'll call me if there's anything to worry about, otherwise I won't hear a thing.  This is definitely a case of no news is good news, if you ask me!  Seeing as how the next two weeks are Christmas then New Year's, I think if I don't hear anything during the week of January 5 - 9, I should be good to go!

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